4th of July Request : Please keep your pets indoors and safe from all the noise and commotion. Make sure they are chipped so they can be found if lost. The shelters give 3 days for stray hold before euthanizing unclaimed animals. Happy Independence Day everyone!


"It will be nice to wake up one day with Kieslowski's writing, Kubrick's vision, Scorsese's brain, and Nolan's box office."     



December Film : I am seriously scared to write about my new film cuz it just gets jinxed whenever I try to move it forward - reminds me of Ed Furgol quote “My luck is so bad that if I bought a cemetery, people would stop dying.” But since we are starting the shoot on 12/13 and desperately need good actors and great crew, please check our cast & crew call on the NextActor yahoogroups and submit accordingly.

Our studio moved this month after 12 years of being on Chaucer. I have been heartbroken over this move but now I am looking forward to the new studio space on Quenby & Morningside, ready to create more memories and meet more amazing souls.

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