Houston has way too many strays and shelter animals, who are perfectly adoptable, yet people still "buy" from breeders, even in 2021. 

The shelters in Houston are all kill shelters, which means dogs and cats that end up there will be euthanized if not adopted or rescued within a stipulated time. Rescue groups are saturated. They cannot pull animals without having fosters.
So please consider fostering for the shelter or a local rescue group. If you can't foster, you can volunteer as a local transporter who can give rides to the pups to the vets or their destinations. If you cannot volunteer, maybe you can donate towards their boarding or vetting costs.
Make sure to microchip your pet and update your information so you can be notified if someone finds them. if you find a dog, don't take it to SPCA - especially pitbulls. SPCA kills pitties upon arrival. Any lost/found pet must be scanned for chip - it's free at the vet.  Post the found pup's pictures on your nextdoor.com and pawboost.com to reunite them with their owners. Make sure to ask for proof before handing over a found pup. Some owners should not have pets. So, if you feel an owner is abusive or neglectful, surrender the pup to a rescue group.

Houston has a large animal problem. Let's come together as a solution and make sure every pet has a family and a warm bed. 💗

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6 ROUNDS OF CHLOE premiered

6 ROUNDS OF CHLOE, had a cast and crew premiere last week in Houston. We are going to have one in L.A for our Los Angeles cast next. Stay tuned!

Model on the left : My son Gablu, born 2013 on the streets of Houston, who is the reason I foster and rescue! 

Models on the right : Enjoying the snow in Houston, our fearless Kitty, who chose us as a 2 months old feral kitten in July 2019, and our youngest Luna aka Looney Beans, born March 2020, found in a dumping park at 8 weeks of age as a covid puppy, and brought to Save Some Souls of Houston. She was our foster but we couldn't let her go, since she is a total return material.




Must Watch Gems....

Our comedy pilot RECAST is now on floor, starring Boyhood actress LORELEI LINKLATER, pictured in this still with actress L.D. WILLIAMS.

We are really grateful to get back on set, and be able to create again. Big shoutout to my cast and crew, and Texas Film Commission, who help independent productions like ours so much. 

We are still casting leads and principal roles... so please have your agent reach out to us at casting@lakecampproductions.com

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We got Strider as a behavioral foster, from Harris County Animal Shelter in April. Four months later, he is still with us, bonded to Luna, but Gablu and Kitty are not at all happy. He is no longer petrified of kids or people. If only he will stop chasing Kitty!!!

For a complete list of directors whose works are must-watch, click here -

Parental guidance recommended, as some of these are not okay for kids - eg - Blue is the Warmest Color, Burning, Audition, Mother, El Marginal, The double life of Veronique, Y tu Mama etc ...


NOMADLAND by Chloé Zhao, who wrote, directed, and edited it. AMAZING!!!

Frances McDormand, David Strathairn !!!!