Stand so rooted that you can only be lifted up by the strong, not pulled down by the weak.  -  6 Rounds of Chloe

Trisha Ray-B

Filmmaker -Screenwriter - producer


6 ROUNDS OF CHLOE is a story of 11 yo Chloe whose only wish to meet her father Dev comes true when she finds her aunt Stella on facebook. But all hell breaks loose when her mother finds out that Chloe has been secretly meeting the very people she has always tried to protect her from!

Starring : Alexandra Goel, San Banarje, Kamala Lopez, Eric Roberts
Produced by : Next Actor Films, Lake Camp Productions
Associate Producers : Boat Angel Family Films, Heroica Films
Costume Designer : Subarna RayChowdhuri
Wardrobe : L.D. Williams
Big Thanks to : Kellie Hay, Luana Helsinger, Courtney Turpin, Jakob Turpin, Pam Herrington

Written, Directed, Shot and Edited by : Trisha RayB

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