Trying to extort money from them, Maya abuses her legal power and threatens to go to court, claiming child support using paternity fraud and scandalize them. However, the couple turns out to be even crazier, and ask her to do what she pleases. Egoistic and vindictive Maya files a suit, in her usual tunnel vision, hoping to win the case by paying her minions at LabCorp next door to her home, where she has gotten many such DNA matched falsely to win cases for women who are looking for fathers for their babies. But Maya had no idea that this is a couple who is smarter than her and work as a team. As soon as she files a lawsuit, they strike back by asking for full custody of the kid and brings forward strings of evidence against her, including letters from her ex husband who helped her with her green card and whom she tried to kill unsuccessfully, for which she was thrown out of the state, which can cause her disbarment and embarrassment in the court. Maya quickly unsuits the case and begs them for mercy, apologizing for her reaction and lies about having cancer for which she had to take a step. Snagging the opportunity, the couple decide to go to the bottom of it. They become her best friends and find out all the information from her - the place she did the ivf at, the name of her obgyn and the history of egg and sperm donors. Maya gets her second ivf done in Mexico with the eggs and sperms donated by local Mexicans. She has plans to do damage.



Status : Filming

Written & Directed by : Trisha Ray

Facebook, Twitter & Instagram : @6RocFilm

Starring : Eric Roberts, San Banarje, Elena Martinez, Alexandra Goel, 
Kamala Lopez, Jana Lee Hamblin, Charlie O'Connell

6 Rounds of Chloe is a about little Chloe who lives with her troubled mother Vienna Gupta and dreams of one day meeting her celebrity father Dev Gupta who had abandoned them quietly after her birth. Connecting with Dev's sister Stella via facebook, Chloe gets to finally meet Dev but things don't go as planned.

Video on the Right : Oscar & 3x Golden Globes Nominee ERIC ROBERTS (The Dark Knight, Expendables) tells us why he balances Hollywood and independent cinema. Eric plays Dr. Bing in 6 Rounds of Chloe. Check it out!

But her plan is foiled when the couple sue her for full custody of both her babies, and promise to go to the media and the state bar with all evidence, including her emails and texts to prove her abuse of legal power and show that she lied on court paper to wrongfully extort money from them that she couldn't get because they filed for bankruptcy after firing her.
The only way she can stop handing over her children to her worst enemies is if she acknowledges that she committed perjury because of her traumatized childhood marred by her mother's suicide and her family violence.
To know about Maya's past demons, watch Bodhisattva.  

In this chilling follow up to Bodhisattva, a viscous Maya, now an attorney in Texas, gets embryo transplant using donor eggs and sperms, with the evil plan to use the child for vengeance against two former clients who terminated her legal service after she was caught impersonating them via email to other people.

Trisha Ray-B

Filmmaker -Screenwriter - producer

2018 FILMS  


Status : Post Production

Starring : Mahie Gill, San Banarje, Romario Solis, Josh Rahman, Gablu Banarje

Written by : Brian Stewart
Directed by : Trisha Ray

Film and Series

Facebook :

Twitter : @otrainfilm
Produced by : Boat Angel Family Films, Next Actor Studio, Lake Camp Productions


Sequel to Bodhisattva about Maya's kids being in grave danger from ... herself...

Orphan Train is a feature film and a TV Series about a terrorist clan in Mexico, headed by Kingpin Yatze (San Banarje) who has his hands in kidnapping, murders, cartels and now wants to expand his evil kingdom into the border towns between Mexico and USA. FBI has been following his activities but is unable to find him, due to the sophisticated equipment they use to hide their exact location. To fulfil his mission, Yatze's group employs kidnapped children to make weapons for him and carry his bags as mules across the border. EPA Agent Helen Prost (Mahie Gill) is in charge of tracing his whereabouts by tracking the radiation in the corpses that are found across the Rio Grande Valley. At a time when Helen finds a lead to his ranch, four orphans led by the very pious David (Romario Solis) escape from Yatze's ranch with the bags full of bombs still strapped to them, not knowing that the weapons can be triggered remotely by Yatze's scientist Amar (Prateek Karkal). While chasing the orphans, Yatze's men Aziel (Sean Vida) and Alfredo (Alex Lopez) spot Helen and her dog Max (Gablu Banarje) and a chase starts across the mountains. Helen and Max must somehow cross the border and reach safely to the consulate office or they can be killed by these ruthless men.