Kosher & Halal are basically cutting the animal while they are alive. Do you want to let them go thru it? This is 2017. Share awareness.

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Contact local shelter, vets, facebook groups & post on nextdoor.com, pawboost immediately.

 What if this was the other way round?
Will Hunting still be sports?

Trisha Ray-B

KILL SHELTERS where dogs are taken to if found as strays, or when the owner decides to surrender them, give up to 3 days to the dogs to find an adopter, get claimed by their owners if found and dropped off, or get pulled by a rescue group. After that hold period, the dog is euthanized to make room for another. A microchipped dog gets 7 days while the shelter reaches out to owner to pick the kid up. If the phone number on the chip is not updated and owner cannot be reached, then the pooch is out of luck. 

The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated." - Mahatma Gandhi


It's so unnecessary to hurt animals. 
Please say no to Circus Animals, no Selfies with Tigers, Lions etc who are drugged and abused to sit with you. NO SEAWORLD, Sea Aquariums etc. who kidnap the babies and raise them in small tanks where they are held captive to entertain us and make these greedy corporations rich. Pls use cruelty free cosmetics where animals are not assaulted every moment for human benefit. No to carriages pulled by horses or other animals - no riding on elephants  - the list goes on
Check this out so you know how uncool it is and how they suffer for our entertainment.
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ANYONE WEARING FUR LOOKS STUPID BUT CELEBRITIES LOOK GHASTLY. For their fashion statement, so many animals are slaughtered and skinned, sometimes alive. Celebrities have a responsibility. They just cannot send out message to the public that it's okay to promote an industry filled with blood, tears and agony of innocent lives. Alas, talent and soul are not mutually inclusive.

ADOPT from Rescues or Animal Shelters and Say NO to Breeders - they rape the female dogs to make money out of the babies by selling them - they tape their mouths and make them suffer (see the pic below). Once the females are unable to reproduce, the breeders get rid of them in a horrifying way & acquire a new victim. There is No Good Breeder.