Discussing a scene with Andrea Guasch and Omar Shayeb in Orphan Train.

With the legendary Soumitra Chatterjee in San Banarje's Bodhisattva

Shannon Tweed in Richard Finger's Sex, Marriage, Infidelity

Eric Roberts and San Banarje in 6 Rounds of Chloe.

San Banarje directs actor Rick Fox in
A Curry on an American  Plate.  

San and I at Gulf Coast film festival where Bodhisattva wins Best of the Fest.

My heartbeat on location Orphan Train

Actress Mahie Gill, on location Orphan Train

Niff Houston International Film Festival takes off with The Shadow Behind You.


On Location Sex, Marriage, Infidelity -  Director-Producer Richard Finger, DP-Producer  San Banarje, Lead Cast Charlie O'Connell

Filmmaker -Screenwriter - producer

Picture Courtesy : San Banarje (Director, Bodhisattva, The Nowhere Son, The Shadow Behind You & A Curry on an American Plate),

Richard Finger (Director, Sex, Marriage, and Infidelity),

Brian Stewart (Creator, Orphan Train)

Trisha Ray-B